Character Building

At 35 years old, something I am really starting to understand is that – God builds continuously builds our character. We may perceive to have “arrived” at the our desired destination, but very shortly after arriving “there” (wherever “there” is) – we go through another session of character building.

God has shown His grace and blessing on my life’s journey in ways, that today I have to continue to remind myself of. It is not easy reaching a place of comfortability as a business leader, to all of the sudden have the ladder pulled out from under you – bringing you back to a vulnerable state.

But it is in these moments, when we feel God’s love the most.

And very soon, we can look at these moments as yet God again – compounding our blessings.


Seasons and Cycles

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens..” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

Seasons are on my mind this evening. There is a season for everything that happens in our lives, including what happens to our careers, businesses, companies. In fact in business school, we are taught about accounting cycles, supply chain cycles, production cycles, the business cycle. But when one of those cycles in our work-driven societies breaks down… WE break down, completely forgetting about seasons and cycles.

I too, have gone through seasons and cycles. Some seasons I’ve conquered through seamlessly, riding in the wind with our Creator. And then some seasons I’ve walked through the dark forest, fearing I would never make it out into the clearing. We forget. We forget that there is a time and season for everything. We forget that God is working behind the scenes, working out the right deals for you, bringing the right partners to you, planting creative seeds in you….  and all He asks of us is to hold on.

I hope and pray that you try your earnest not to forget. May the Lord bless you during all seasons and cycles of your journey.

Human Angels

A dear friend and colleague of mine came to me one day offering a hand in the business a few years back. She has said and continues to remind me that she feels that God is moving her to protect and support me. And since then I have been observing the Lord’s amazing hand bringing in beautiful positive people to be a part of my life, to be a part of the business. In fact, it seems human angels are all around us — our families, friends, loved ones, colleagues, clients, customers, strangers we meet in passing every single day. I do feel that every single person continues to make an impact on me directly and indirectly.

Yesterday was another testimony that the Lord is looking out for me, by bringing in human angels who have been helping me in my walk and in my journey. Every time I meet someone new who extends their generous hand of support and peace – I can’t help but feel touched. After all who else is at work here but the Lord Himself?

I know and see what entrepreneurs go through every single day. The journey isn’t for everyone, for the challenges and risks are greater than most can see upfront. But I’ve been blessed at first as a reluctant entrepreneur who after finally embracing the journey – is constantly reminded of blessings. The clients, deals, network and opportunities I have – have come to me in really miraculous ways.

Another one of those opportunities has been brewing around me — and I remind myself that Jesus asks us to ‘Give unto others.’

For that very reason, I see blessings do compound over time. More in depth insight and stories on that to come.